What is Artemes?

What is Artemes? and How does it work?

In Artemes we are creating a system in which leaders are selected because they are at the pinnacle of their personal and spiritual growth. These individuals are already centered on creating a fairer and more just society, and the Artemes System gives them the means to do so.

Artemes begins with twelve individuals who are committed to their own growth and evolution. But it doesn't stop there. These individuals create their own circle of twelve to deepen connections, to get curious, and explore the changes they most want to see around them. From there, a ripple starts to spiral outward and onward to many groups committed to creating a better world around them.

This is the evolution that is Artemes.

How does Artemes help the world to evolve?

Many of us have started to repeat the collective beliefs that “The world is on fire,” or “We’ve left it too late,” and while there are very real and immediate challenges at hand, with much that needs to be done, our approach with Artemes is a very practical one.

We each work towards clearing up our individual patterns and programs that are keeping us locked into old ways of thinking and behaving, while simultaneously picking an area—whether it’s social, political or environmental—that we feel most aligned with, and bringing forward our efforts to create change.

Individual growth and development is a core part of Artemes, but in addition, we are also focused on the evolution of humanity as a whole. Much of our work at Artemes also includes waking up to the way we human beings operate in our society. We are interested in how individual awakenings fit into our mass awakening. Doing this, we can ultimately contribute to a world that is fairer for all.


If, like us, you care about the future of humanity and you want to be part of solving the collective challenges we face, sign-up to learn more. 


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