What is Artemes?

What is Artemes? and How does it work?


How does Artemes cryptocurrency work?

Artemes is a new cryptocurrency that's been built on premises of “open source”, “transparency” and “accessibility”.

It works on a local single layer approval system designed to reduce the processing time and energy consumption of the blockchain.

What makes it special is:

  • Minimal energy consumption.
  • Ultra fast transaction time (which enables it to be used as a real coin.)
  • High tradability due to huge distribution.

Artemes Timeline 2020-2024

How does Artemes address world issues?

In Artemes we are creating a system in which leaders are selected because they are at the pinnacle of their personal and spiritual growth. These individuals are already centered on creating a fairer and more just society, and the Artemes System gives them more power to do so. We are building a system which starts with eleven individuals who are trustworthy and not centrally motivated by personal gain. We then invite them to select eleven individuals with the same characteristics.

Each of these eleven must cover a specific specialty, such as justice, governance, health education, or equality, and they must be awake. Those below them select another eleven. And so on. Through the Artemes Coin, these leaders will have the funds to complete humanitarian projects.

How does Artemes help the world to evolve?

Many of us have started to repeat the collective beliefs that “The world is on fire,” or “We’ve left it too late,” and while there are very real and immediate challenges at hand, with much that needs to be done, our approach with Artemes is a very practical one. We each work towards clearing up our individual patterns and programs that are keeping us locked into old ways of thinking and behaving, while simultaneously picking an area—whether it’s social, political or environmental—that we feel most aligned with, and bringing forward our efforts to create change.

Individual awareness is a core part of the Artemes Training, but in addition, we are also focused on the awakening of humanity as a whole. Much of our work with awareness at Artemes also includes waking up to the way we human beings operate in our society. We are interested in how individual awakenings fit into our mass awakening. Doing this, we can ultimately contribute to a world that is fairer for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will make this cryptocurrency valuable?

What is different in Artemes coin is its accessibility. It has two core advantages. Due to our distribution system, it will be available to billions of people across the globe. Moreover, we are building some “transformers'' which enables people to have access and trade their coins with text messages and even USBs. This gives access to more people globally. Finally its ease of trade and its large pool makes it more accessible to all.

How does someone get into the Artemes system?

In its initial days, the Artemes system will be invitation-only. After giving large quantities of the coin to a select few, they will select 11 other individuals to join, who will select another 11 individuals to join, and so on. This exponential growth will ultimately enable billions of users to participate in the system.

How will those without adequate infrastructure obtain access to the Artemes coin?

Artemes is developing a unique system that will allow those without internet or cellular data access to still participate in the economic system.  This is one of the primary differentiators of Artemes and other cryptos.  We are specifically designing our coin to be inclusive, and thus to make an impact in many parts of the world that the current exclusive cryptos (Bitcoin) have not concerned themselves with.  This is another way we create equality within the Artemes system and the world.

How will you distribute the coin? And ensure it’s distributed in an equitable way?

Of the 11 initial leaders, two each will be placed on each populated continent.  The only outlier being Australia and Oceania who will receive one leader.  Thus, instead of places like Africa and poorer areas of South America and Asia being left behind again, they will be placed on a more equal footing with more prosperous areas of the world.  This (and the ability to operate in remote areas of the world) will ensure that the Artemes coin is distributed in a more equitable way than current cryptos.

What makes the Artemes coin different from others (like Bitcoin)?

Unlike other digital coins, the Artemes coin is being built with the intention to dismantle systems of inequality rather than merely building systems of wealth. Serving as a safety net to those who need it the most, its mission drives it to prioritize people above profits.

Why is a system like Artemes needed?

Due to decades of unhinged capitalism, we have arrived to a point which the global economic inequality is unsustainable. A lot of people who are caring and aware of the situation are feeling hopeless and powerless in addressing the issue. We need an out of the box solution (not to replace but to complement) to the existing economic system that is based in compassion and respect rather than competition and greed. Artemes is that solution

Who can invest in Artemes?

Everyone.  Artemes will become the people's currency and everyone will have the opportunity to participate within its systems.

Why has no one implemented a system like Artemes yet?

The time wasn't right then, but is now.  Bitcoin was a revolutionary advancement of technology on the economic world stage (it is still only 11 years old).  Bitcoin showed us how currency can create economic freedom for individuals and society.  Artemes is an evolution of this system in that a heart of compassion and equality has been placed at the center of the currency.

How can I support the project?

Be interested in how your personal development supports humanity's development. Read the Artemes book, interact with us on social media, have a discussion with your friends about our project and the issues we are trying to solve. Nominate people for the Artemes system.


Artemes is a new economic system using cryptocurrency to help the evolution of humanity. 

If, like us, you care about the future of humanity and you want to be part of solving the collective challenges we face, sign-up to learn more. 

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