Welcome to Artemes

Welcome friend, and thanks for your interest in the Artemes cryptocurrency.

First step

You might have noticed that our cryptocurrency is very different than others. That's by design! The Artemes coin is designed for social good and has the overarching aim of creating positive change across the globe. And because you're here, you will be at the forefront of being a part of that. Bravo!

Our mode of distribution is another element of our coin that is a differentiator. The Artemes cryptocurrency will initially be given out to 11 visionary leaders who will be evenly spread across the globe. Each of these 11 visionary leaders will be given a large amount of Artemes cryptocurrency and the task of inviting 11 more (121 total) conscious individuals into Artemes. These next 121 awakened individuals will be given their Artemes crypto, and again, the task of inviting 11 more aware individuals into the system. After only eight layers of this outward growth, we will have nearly 2.6 billion individuals within the system (this represents more than a third of the global population). This large number of Artemes crypto holders will happen very quickly (as a comparison, only 25 million individuals currently hold Bitcoin). As more and more people receive their Artemes crypto, it will naturally begin to garner more and more value.


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Our Vision For A New World

At this point in time it is crucial that each and every one of us awakens, and fortunately for us all, we are perfectly positioned for this revolution to unfold. Humanity, as we know it, is in extreme crisis. Many of us have felt this deeply both on a personal level, and on a societal level.

Yet, despite the collective challenges we face, this mass breakdown offers us a rare opportunity for the awakening of mass consciousness. What we need for that to happen is a more acceptable kind of spiritual path for the twenty-first century being. An accessible, decentralized way forward that is simple and trustworthy to all. This path does not take the place of any preferred religion, but complements it instead. It’s a spiritual path to awakening that creates an even deeper space for whatever views we might currently hold.

Many of us are lost in a “winner takes all” mentality, and the sense that we are entitled to continue gaining at the expense of those around us. The gaps between those who own the most and those who own the least are increasing by the day. What we need to heal this social and spiritual epidemic is to tune back into our compassion for humanity, remember our social values, and take action from our heart. We are being called to individually and spiritually awaken in these times, so that we act from a place of consciousness, rather than reacting from a place of fear.

Built into the Artemes System is an invitation to awaken, and to take responsibility for our own consciousness as part of our world awakening as a whole.

Where you go from here...

The primary way to get into the Artemes system will be to be invited in by someone already within the system. Two of these first 11 elders have already been selected and we are on schedule to select the other nine by the end of 2021. As the growth in the system will be explosive, it is very likely that someone within your network of friends and family will soon be in the Artemes system. 

The secondary way to get into the system will be by completing a series of 11 journeys that will be presented to you on the Artemes App that is currently being developed. Once you have completed these journeys, you will be ready to be invited into the Artemes system.  

Expanding awareness takes practice and meditation is one of the best tools for this practice. We highly recommend starting this practice now as it will help you finish the journey to then be invited into the Artemes system. We'll be sharing resources and tools with you along the way!

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Digital Currency: Artemes Coin


11 Visionary Leaders
These leaders will be sharing with you the tools needed to break free of the societal dream that we most exist in. There are no better people in the world to show you how to do this.

The Artemes Book
Buying or downloading the Artemes book will go a long way in helping you understand how to attain your coins. You can get a free version here… (If you connect with the vision in the book, please leave a review on Amazon. This will help us get the word out and grow the Artemes system even more.)


Follow Artemes on Social Media
Join us and start participating in the Artemes community on Facebook. Many things are posted here that will give you hints on what you will need to do going forward.

Again, thanks for being here now. We are excited for you and your journey.