The core of Artemes

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There is a materialized culture of spirituality that has been built in western culture. And it’s easy to see why. If you walk into a bookstore you might find many spirituality books in the self-help section. Many well known teachers, gurus, and wellness influencers on Instagram only speak of spirituality as personal development. Yes, it’s true that real change has to begin within each of us as individuals. We have to “be the change” we want to see in the world. And still, there’s more. 

Spirituality is not only concerned with the SELF. It was supposed to be about altering the ego and addressing self-centeredness however it has mostly been turned into another divisive tool. A tool used to promote personal growth while forgetting we are “one as a part of society and community.”

Another impact of it has been building another “us vs them” division. “I am more aware of others” “I am more aware of my body and spirituality than others” that results in “spiritual superiority.”  A negative impact of this is that it reduces the social responsibility aspect of humanity.

There is a saying that real spirituality is 90% off the mat and only 10% on it. Meaning that real awareness can not be achieved if it is not used in addressing society’s issues. That is the core of why Artemes was born as a tool to use the spirituality movement to address the global humanitarian issues that are impacting everyone’s lives. 

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  1. I love it when I read essentially the same thing, in different places, by different people. Helps things sink in more… 🙂


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