At Artemes, we recognize the transformative power of heart-centeredness. It forms the core of our project, fostering authenticity, compassion, and shared purpose. Grounded in the belief that true evolution emerges from the heart, we embrace this value, guiding our leaders towards creating a world where empathy and understanding flourish. Join us at Artemes, where heart-centeredness propels our collective journey toward a brighter future.


Artemes is proud to be a global collective, with our twelve visionary leaders spanning continents and cultures. From the United States to Peru, Ecuador to South Africa, Malawi to the United Kingdom, Mexico to Singapore, Australia to Japan, our diverse leadership embodies the richness of our interconnected world. Rooted in shared values and united by a common vision, Artemes leaders bring a global perspective to drive local impact, fostering positive change transcending borders.


Artemes embraces the power of balance from its very foundation. With intentionality, our initial group of twelve founders comprises six remarkable men and six extraordinary women. This intentional gender balance is not just a reflection of our commitment to equality but a recognition of the diverse strengths each gender brings. We believe that the interplay between masculine and feminine energies fosters a holistic and harmonious collaboration. This deliberate equilibrium serves as a guiding principle, shaping an organizational culture that values and harnesses the unique contributions of every individual, fostering a united and coherent force for positive change.


Joel Beverly


Joel Beverly has built multiple successful companies, despite his humble beginnings. Raised in the hills of East Kentucky in the second poorest congressional district in America and the one boasting the shortest life span, he was hungry at times. This hunger created within him an urgency to create change. The vision of Artemes came to him one afternoon while practicing open awareness on a beach in Mexico.

Tonthoza Uganja


Tonthoza Uganja is a land-use systems leader in making landscapes and their dependant peoples sustainable. She has a history in forest management, conservation, crop production and community development, and specialises in; conservation agriculture, forestry, project management and program design, and is a Commonwealth Scholar and UN-CTCN Climate innovation academy graduate.

Eiichiro Yamada


Eiichiro Yamada, born in Tokyo, embodies a culinary legacy. His journey, from selling fish at nine to catering for icons like Stevie Wonder, led to the founding of Mominoki House, Japan’s first organic restaurant, in 1976. At 69, Eiichiro’s commitment to a balanced lifestyle aligns with Artemes, where his expertise meets the mission for a conscious and sustainable future. Explore the culinary journey of Eiichiro Yamada, where nature, innovation, and wholesome meals converge.

Celine Cousteau


Socio-environmental speaker Céline Cousteau travels the world, documenting the interconnection of nature and humans. From the jungles of the Amazon to remote islands near the Arctic, people have always maintained strong connections with the natural world around them. Through film, photo, and voice Céline reveals how our cultures and the plants and animals that surround us are all interconnected, illustrating the undeniable connection between the health of the environment and the survival of us all.


A thought leader in digital assets technology and regulation, and an integral philosopher and Vedantic spiritual practitioner, Randall is a leader in creating new types of organizations and economic systems to promote spiritual and human development. As a founder of Gaia Labs, he is creating a “Liquid Earth” of digitized assets and human value moving seamlessly worldwide. Randall helped create the first consumer protection regulations for people buying digital assets, for the government of Anguilla BWI, and founded Hover, the first licensed consumer digital assets trust company. He also created The Ethos, a daily recitation ritual based on an integral synthesis of universal human ethics and virtues, that leads to an improvement of life experience and ethical living.

Liesl Krueger


Liesl Citlalli Tlalli Tamani has been involved with plant medicines more than two decades and started facilitating ceremonies about 16 years ago, after being invited and consecrated to do so by her teachers and elders. She has travelled to Brazil and Mexico numerous times to receive further instructions in her training, and to deepen her work with the medicines.

She has extensively studied the teachings of North, Central and South American shamanism and plant medicines, as well as that of the Red Path and Sacred Fire and she leads shamanic plant journeys and ceremonies on a regular basis.

Nikhil Kale


Nikhil Kale, co-founder & Ecosystem Architect at Asraya, is a master of self-expression and a visionary in metaphysics and human psychology. Driven by the fear of unfulfilled potential, he commits to a life unbound by norms, focusing on humanity’s destiny. His expertise lies in multidimensional vision and creative synthesis, aiming to reconnect humanity with its essence amidst global turmoil. A successful entrepreneur, he’s established multiple tech startups, achieving 7-figure valuations, and has empowered hundreds of conscious entrepreneurs. A globetrotter, Nikhil’s journey across 70 countries by 35, enriches his mission at Artemes, striving for a harmonious world aligned with nature’s rhythms. Nikhil is the author of “GodForce: Liberate Your Mind, Master Your Reality, Unleash Your Primal Genius”.

Christine Breese


Christine Breese is the founder of the University of Metaphysical Sciences and the Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca Retreat Center & Eco-Community. She is also the founder of Free Retreats 4 All, leave no soul behind. Christine’s goal with creating Gaia Sagrada is to bring plant medicines to the people in a safe way and introduce them to high caliber ayahuasca shamans and san pedro shamans in Ecuador. Christine, now considered an elder, has long worked with shamanism since the earliest part of her spiritual path 38 years ago. University of Metaphysical Sciences exists to offer online access to enlightening courses, and Free Retreats 4 All is to help those without money have the spiritual retreat experience they cannot afford.

Hamilton Souther


Business leader, Sacred plant/psychedelic influencer, podcaster and entertainment innovator. Blockchain Innovator and Platform Creator. Track record of successfully founding and running various businesses. Motivated by social purpose with experience in founding and leading a USA 501c3 Charitable Organization. Founder of the Blue Morpho Retreat Center.

Jasrin Singh


Jasrin Singh is about accepting our fundamental vulnerability as much as she is about making quantum leaps. She is as much about the untouched human potential as she is about conscious values and strengths. As someone who went through a deeper exploration of her own self and a life-changing transformation, Jasrin is someone who you want to open up to. A deeply spiritual person and a mother of three children, she brings to the table the sensibilities of a woman and the solution-oriented approach of a man.

Julian Guderley


Julian Guderley is a dynamic force for systemic change in the world. Fostering exponential leadership culture as the CEO of the Alter Method and the Alter Braintrust.

He is the Host of Green Planet Blue Planet Podcast for all things REGENERATION. Further he works as a high performance coach and group facilitator, here to break the rules of business as usual. His unique capacity is to listen and activate individuals into higher states of realization.

Willow Berzin


Designer, regenerative development practitioner and serial regenpreneur Willow Berzin is driven by a passion for connecting people and bringing impactful ideas to life. Willow’s journey to purpose began with a commitment to democratizing decision-making forming the Coalition of Everyone. Inspired by Doughnut Economics she helped bring Regen Melbourne into being, which led to catalysing and convening the Regen Places Network. She is also a founding partner of the Earth Equity Network. Her work reflects a belief in our collective power as co-creators of regenerative futures and the evolution of humanity and consciousness.