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Tracey Ash is a deeply respected and well established leader dedicated to global unity and community education. She is widely regarded as the teacher who can bridge three essential fields: spirituality, quantum consciousness, and contact.

Tracey has been filming evidence of metaphysics for almost a decade, and in 2018, she was invited to the United Nations in New York as the world-renowned expert in the field of contact, where she shared her groundbreaking video material and expertise on the subject.

In 2020 Tracey collaborated with the Emoto Foundation (one of the most highly regarded global science and consciousness research foundations), where she co-created a study which she presented at Iyashi Fair in Japan (which is the world’s largest wellbeing expo). This work awarded her an honorary membership of the Science Institute of Japan.

In 2021, in an unprecedented world of covid and emerging consequences, Tracey moved to Egypt to prepare for a new earth by completing several projects. Two facilities, Habu Hotel EcoLodge and The Ark Abusir are built to support the next era of emotional intelligence and social impact. Tracey is also the creator of The Ark Magazine.


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Eiichiro Yamada is a third generation chef from Tokyo, and an advocate for natural farming. He was taught to cook by his father from the age of five. From an early age Eiichiro connects deeply to nature, and learns how to cut, prepare, cook, and serve the fish he catches in the Arakawa River. At nine years of age he started his first business selling fish he catches.

At 18 he became a professional chef and at 21 he moved to the United States to continue learning and growing. His work takes him from San Francisco, to New York. It’s an exhilarating time of growth for Eiichiro and he makes many connections.

Circumstances eventually take Eiichiro to London where he is hired at the London Continental Restaurant. He also studies Politics and Economics during this time.

He returned to Japan to study philosophy and cookery at the Japan CI Association. Eiichiro is a pioneer in the macrobiotic industry and a man ahead of his time. In 1976, at the age of 27, he opened Japan's first natural food restaurant, Mominoki House, in Harajuku, Tokyo, in order to offer food that is both gourmet and healthy.

Celebrities are attracted to his gift of cooking. They include Stevie Wonder, David Bowie and Morgan Fisher. He has also catered for the tours of Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones.

For 46 years, he has been eating, creating and serving food based on macrobiotic philosophy. And together, Eiichiro and his restaurants continue to thrive. At 72, Eiichiro is a very energetic and happy man with new ideas every day.