Is the environmental cost of cryptocurrency too high?

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There’s a lot of negative content circling about the  negative impacts of bitcoin on the environment through its radically high electricity consumption.

Recently Bill Gates came out strongly against bitcoin as well due to its impact. Moreover, Tesla and its founder, Elon Musk, have been under a lot of scrutiny due to their investment in bitcoin. 

We need to make sure the conversation stays open with cryptocurrencies. Although bitcoin was a revolutionary idea and paved the way for the next generations of cryptocurrencies, its setup isn’t built with a sustainable structure for the environment. The core of bitcoin’s functionality is a multilayer approval system (on a system of random global assignments) which isn’t sustainable for a real tradable cryptocurrency on a global scale.  

That is why at Artemes we are looking at it differently. If we want to address the humanitarian issues of accessibility to food, water, shelter and healthcare plus elevate the spiritual well-being of people, we can not ignore the fundamental cause of climate change and its core impact on people’s life and our earth’s future. That’s why at Artemes, we’re using a cutting edge single layer local approval system technology that will radically reduce our cryptocurrency’s environmental footprint. We’re excited to let you know more very soon!

Photo by Taylor Vick 

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