How does the Artemes cryptocurrency work?

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This is one of the questions we get most often. Artemes has been built with the core aim of using “cryptocurrency for good” so it is quite different in some aspects from more well-known coins. Bitcoin is built on the element of scarcity, meaning that there is some limited amount of that available (21Mil) hence that scarcity is what gives value to it.

Artemes is different in the sense that its accessibility is what generates value for it (in addition to scarcity). In Bitcoin, you have 4 layers of randomly generated global approval systems, while in Artemes is is only 1 layer of local hierarchical approval systems designed. This enables the system to generate a significantly higher amount of coins plus it saves a lot of energy consumption.

Moreover, Artemes is not based on a mining practice. Another aspect that makes Artemes unique is its global ease in accessibility. Our aim is to democratize geographical and technological access of Artemes to all areas in the world including rural areas.

For Bitcoin, you would need to have access to the internet, computer and very basic crypto knowledge to be able to start being involved in the crypto. While at Artemes, we have built these API’s which let people access and trade Artemes via their flip phones and even via data mulling for undeveloped areas with no technology access. Finally, its fast approval system enables it to play as a real coin which is usable in daily transactions.

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