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Have you ever dreamed of creating
a new reality for yourself,
and for the world?

We Have.

Imagine a system with the potential
to create a conscious revolution...

Spiritual Digital Currency

A system that challenges our current paradigm, and offers real solutions to some of the world’s biggest issues that we are collectively facing.

A system that gives individuals the power to make real and lasting contributions, and enables us to be actively part of the change we are seeking.

That system is available and is known as ARTEMES...

Artemes Envisions A New Economy...

The coronavirus pandemic highlights the fact that the current economic system is misaligned.  It highlights the fact that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is not a good measure for society’s well being, as it excludes emotional, mental and physical health. The world needs a new economic system that prioritizes every last being on this planet, not just those who have figured out (or more likely have been born into) a way to corner the current economic game.

What if, instead of the GDP, the ultimate measure of an economic system’s success was a Global Health Index (GHI).  Could such a system exceed the current limitations of our existing model?Success in GHI would truly denote that the economic system was working for all the people, not just a select few of the people.  Success in such a system would better position the world to deal with global disasters than is currently the case. For who better to take care of us, but mentally and physically healthy versions of ourselves?

Success of the new economic system will be measured by how well we take care of human beings and this is the focus of Artemes. 

You can learn more about this new economy in the age of pandemics here.

Artemes is...


The ARTEMES Coin creates a community of investors and change-makers striving for genuine advancement through strong leadership and private economy.


11 world leaders govern ARTEMES with the core values of trust, equality, and compassion. They direct a share of the market capital to address global issues.


ARTEMES also offers global access to (non-denominational) personal and spiritual growth teachings that empower and enlighten in our everyday lives.

Joel Beverly is the author of a new ground breaking book:
Artemes: A Conscious Economic System for Creating Equality in an Unbalanced World

At no point in history have we been more primed for a conscious revolution.

Joel Beverly is leading the charge with his game-changing concept, detailed in his illuminating book "ARTEMES". Artemes will be published mid June, 2020.

We now have the technology to connect, grow and take action at a global level, IF and only IF we step beyond our survival mindset and wake up to the power that we have as individuals, and as a collective humanity. In this age of pandemic and other uncertainties it is paramount that humanity find the best path forward.

Many of the issues we face as a civilization could feasibly be solved in one generation. Will we make it happen?



Do you ever wonder
how you can make an impact?

ARTEMES will give you a practical solution and a clear path forward.
Discover the philosophy of ARTEMES with the book!

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