1,000 Awakenings: #1 with Mark Beverly

Reading Time: 3 minutes People are amazing aren’t they? That’s part of the reason why we’re so excited to launch 1,000 Awakenings where we share inspiring stories from people all across the globe as they tell their stories of waking up and living a conscious life. We’re starting in our backyard, where we spent the informative years of our … Read more

Mindful leadership and why it matters

Reading Time: 2 minutes I recently read an article titled Why Insect Populations are Plummeting and Why It Matters. The article pertains to a recent study showing that 40% of insect species are in decline. A quote that specifically stood out to me was this… “If we don’t stop it, entire ecosystems will collapse due to starvation.” How as … Read more

What is awakening

What is Awakening? What are we “Awakening” from?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Our objective at Artemes is to help inspire a global awakening. We believe that it is possible to use today’s technology to create a paradigm shift resulting in a new experience of reality.  We have given a lot of thought to the “how” part of this, to creating a system that makes sense in an … Read more