Are we all in this together?

Reading Time: 3 minutes While perusing Facebook recently I happened upon a friend’s post concerning community. Specifically, when and how is it appropriate to work in communities that are not your own? He felt that to work in a community, you must always have a person of that community present to speak for themselves. This is a complex issue … Read more


1,000 Awakenings #8 with Sheila Howe

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m so delighted for you to get to know my friend, Sheila Howe. Sheila has been one of my beloved internet friends since we met in an online class in December 2012. Do you have any of those virtual friends? They are really the best. You learn all their deep dark sorrows and their joys … Read more


1,000 Awakenings #7 with Lisa Miller

Reading Time: 4 minutes I first met Lisa when she wandered into my yoga studio and signed herself and her daughter up for private yoga sessions. Her daughter didn’t stick around but Lisa did. She even decided to embark on a yoga teacher training with me. I’ve always been inspired by Lisa and her commitment to learning, her love … Read more


1,000 Awakenings #6 with Mike Riley

Reading Time: 4 minutes For this edition of 1,000 Awakenings, we are going old school. As in back to high school. Mike Riley was one of my main running mates during those four years at Dilce Combs. We were on the academic team together, his mom was cool as shit (and thus his house was an option to stop … Read more


Is This Game Fair?

Reading Time: 5 minutes I have a dear friend who is in a version of hell right now. She didn’t realize this until she noticed that as she lay in bed at night attempting to sleep, she did so with clenched teeth. Her fear of not having healthcare keeps her terrified and living in a virtual hell. She’s worried … Read more


Why are we fearful?

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s a really nice woman with one eye who hangs out by my local dollar store. She wears Carhartt’s and is at the same time edgy looking and beautiful, like an actress portraying a mechanic in a 70’s B-flick. Every once in a while, she’ll find a piece of cardboard and write “anything you can … Read more