Economics in the Age of Pandemics: The Big 4.

Reading Time: 4 minutes (Four minute read time). Two weeks ago, we released the first in a series of Economics in the Age of Pandemics blogs.  Following this release, and based upon our informal poll conducted on the Artemes Facebook page (link…), an overwhelming majority of people feel that our economic system should be based upon human health, as … Read more

joel interview

Is our economy sustainable during a pandemic?

Reading Time: < 1 minute We hope you listen in to this great conversation with Joel and Mammad Mamoodhi,. Mammad is an economist, community builder, and tech entrepreneur currently living in NYC. They continue a conversation around the sustainability of the current economic system in the face of a pandemic, They highlight some shortcomings and possible solutions. As always, we … Read more


Social distancing is a privilege

Reading Time: < 1 minute Social distancing has been the most widely suggested way to combat the Covid 19 epidemic. This time has been romanticized by some, it’s been a nuisance for others, and yet, it will prove to be brutal for our most marginalized citizens. This infographic explains why: