How Can You Tell If You’re On the Right Spiritual Path?

Reading Time: 3 minutes My husbands best friend in college, one of the smartest, wittiest people I’ve ever known, became one of my best friends as well. He introduced me to Wordsworth, wrote me a poem when my grandfather died, danced with me at Stonehenge. He affectionately baptized me Sister Golden Hair. I miss him. Not because he’s dead but … Read more


A Prayer

Reading Time: 3 minutes My “favorite” teachers, all say to go within. What is the truth inside of ourselves? What do we need to look at, transform, heal, ect. And if we need help, ask for it. My truth? I trust the immune system. I trust my immune system, and the immune systems of other’s. It’s not let me … Read more


The core of Artemes

Reading Time: < 1 minute There is a materialized culture of spirituality that has been built in western culture. And it’s easy to see why. If you walk into a bookstore you might find many spirituality books in the self-help section. Many well known teachers, gurus, and wellness influencers on Instagram only speak of spirituality as personal development. Yes, it’s … Read more


Artemes Book Preview

Reading Time: 3 minutes Eckhart Tolle’s New Earth meets Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century, in the first book of its kind to combine the challenges of socio-economic disparity with the spiritual values of equality and compassion. Artemes offers a vision for a new socio-economic reality and a viable, practical solution to the collective problems that we face. A … Read more

Artemes Digital Currency

What is Artemes?

Reading Time: 4 minutes There is a lot of discussion about the problems in the world right now. Growth in inequality—especially in the modern world—has been a consistent issue for the last 40 years. A lot of prominent economists have been talking about it, and this, and it has become an increasingly popular subject. Piketty’s book Capital became a … Read more

Artemes Digital Currency

Artemes – The People’s Currency

Reading Time: 6 minutes As we at Artemes have laid out, and the majority of you have agreed with, providing the Big 4 (food, water, housing, and healthcare) to every human, adult or a child, would be the best way to build a healthy and thriving social and economic system.  On a similar note, a recent survey reveals the … Read more