The Bankruptcy of the American Dream

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hello sports fans! We took just a bit of a break from our vision quest of figuring out exactly what type of economic world would work the best for all of us…but the halftime rest of this pandemic show is over and we’re ready to move forward in earnest. But first, a quick review of … Read more


Georges Branch Lives Matter

Reading Time: 4 minutes I grew up in the second poorest congressional district in America.  The constituents in this district also live shorter lives than in all other ones.  Within this congressional district, I grew up on Georges Branch, Perry County, Kentucky.  This holler is famous for being rough as a cob and historically being the best place in … Read more


Spiritual Leadership in Times of Crisis

Reading Time: < 1 minute Join Sharon Tessandori and Lisa Miller, author of The Heart of Leadership for Women to explore how learning, growth, transformation and fun are possible even during a pandemic.