Mindful leadership and why it matters

Reading Time: 2 minutes I recently read an article titled Why Insect Populations are Plummeting and Why It Matters. The article pertains to a recent study showing that 40% of insect species are in decline. A quote that specifically stood out to me was this… “If we don’t stop it, entire ecosystems will collapse due to starvation.” How as … Read more

What is awakening

What is Awakening? What are we “Awakening” from?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Our objective at Artemes is to help inspire a global awakening. We believe that it is possible to use today’s technology to create a paradigm shift resulting in a new experience of reality.  We have given a lot of thought to the “how” part of this, to creating a system that makes sense in an … Read more


Create your own conscious revolution

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m a fucking holler rat, man.  That’s how I was raised.  That’s who I am. I had no way of seeing or knowing what a conscious revolution could be. I can wear sheep’s clothes if I want, but I’m still a fucking rat.  I am a being of my upbringing.  We are who we are.  … Read more