Cleaning up our personal messes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many of us have started to repeat the collective beliefs that “The world is on fire,” or “We’ve left it too late,” and while there are very real and immediate challenges at hand, with much that needs to be done, our approach with Artemes is a very practical one. We each work towards clearing up … Read more


People Over Profits

Reading Time: 3 minutes As I exit the highway, I notice the masses of people crowding around the streets, holding up signs, and waiting. This is downtown Fresno, where nearly one out of every four people is living in poverty. After seeing this, it is easy for the average person to fly by them thinking, “Why can’t they just … Read more


Is the environmental cost of cryptocurrency too high?

Reading Time: < 1 minute There’s a lot of negative content circling about the  negative impacts of bitcoin on the environment through its radically high electricity consumption. Recently Bill Gates came out strongly against bitcoin as well due to its impact. Moreover, Tesla and its founder, Elon Musk, have been under a lot of scrutiny due to their investment in bitcoin.  We need to make sure … Read more

Change the world

How does the Artemes cryptocurrency work?

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is one of the questions we get most often. Artemes has been built with the core aim of using “cryptocurrency for good” so it is quite different in some aspects from more well-known coins. Bitcoin is built on the element of scarcity, meaning that there is some limited amount of that available (21Mil) hence that … Read more


How Can You Tell If You’re On the Right Spiritual Path?

Reading Time: 3 minutes My husbands best friend in college, one of the smartest, wittiest people I’ve ever known, became one of my best friends as well. He introduced me to Wordsworth, wrote me a poem when my grandfather died, danced with me at Stonehenge. He affectionately baptized me Sister Golden Hair. I miss him. Not because he’s dead but … Read more


A Prayer

Reading Time: 3 minutes My “favorite” teachers, all say to go within. What is the truth inside of ourselves? What do we need to look at, transform, heal, ect. And if we need help, ask for it. My truth? I trust the immune system. I trust my immune system, and the immune systems of other’s. It’s not let me … Read more