Soul Growth with Philip Clayton

Reading Time: < 1 minute Joel and Phillip Clayton discuss big questions like “Why am I here” and “what’s the point of reality?” Listen in to this enlightening conversation about ways we can help humanity find hope and direction. As a scholar, Philip Clayton (Ingraham Professor, Claremont School of Theology) works at the intersection points of science, philosophy, and theology. … Read more

Economics in the Age of Pandemics

Reading Time: 4 minutes A record 10 million have filed for unemployment over the last two weeks. That number is expected to grow in the coming weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. No one knows how long or far this current global economic catastrophe will last or reach.  These times bring up a question that is worth discussing.  As … Read more

Are we all in this together?

Reading Time: 3 minutes While perusing Facebook recently I happened upon a friend’s post concerning community. Specifically, when and how is it appropriate to work in communities that are not your own? He felt that to work in a community, you must always have a person of that community present to speak for themselves. This is a complex issue … Read more