Spiritual Awakening: The Artemes Story

About Artemes

Spiritual Awakening
spiritual awakening

Imagine a system that gives power back to the individuals to make real and lasting contributions to our world and be an active part of the change so many are seeking. One that empowers humans to live with more joy, more ease, more love.

Picture a system that creates more equality. One that closes many of the socio-economic gaps that have become more and more prevalent in these modern times.

A structure that supports enlightened leadership that is rooted in peace and wisdom. Leadership that holds a radical commitment to help each person grow, awaken spiritually, and become aware of their own magnificence.

A radically transformative system so evolved that it truly can change the world.

This is the time for a new beginning.

We invite you to join us in this global evolution where prosperity, compassion, and nonviolence guide the way.

So how do we create real change?

How do we inspire a great spiritual awakening?

Introducing Artemes

Artemes is a world-changing social and economic concept developed by Joel Beverly. It is a system built on a foundation of enlightened leadership and revolutionary economics, utilizing modern technology and a dedicated community of change-makers.
The Artemes System consists of three crucial components:
Digital Currency: Artemes Coin

Digital Currency

The Artemes Coin is a new digital currency that will launch in 2021. The ARTEMES Coin creates a community of investors and change-makers striving for genuine advancement through enlightenment, strong leadership, strategic action and private economy. Be sure to subscribe for the official Artemes Coin updates and developments as they happen.
Visionary Leadership


This is where the system of Artemes becomes action in the real world. Eleven world leaders direct a share of the market capital to address global issues. They govern Artemes with the core values of trust, equality, and compassion. We are in the process of selecting these leaders, each tasked to transform the industries that matter to us most. We call this collective “The Council of the Aware” and the topics of focus are:
Relations & Media
Spiritual Books

Spiritual Teachings

Artemes offers free global access to (non-denominational) personal and growth teachings that offer empowerment and spiritual awakening. These teachings have always been available to humanity in various forms, but to date very few genuinely live with these values. Those who do, live with a focus on connectedness, presence and awareness. They experience fulfilment, peace and joy.

We believe that technology allows us to share these teachings in a modern format with all who seek them. We are excited about world change, and see this as possible once a tipping point of individuals open their eyes, awaken and take action.

Collectively expanding our consciousness sprouts the seeds of authentic change.

The Artemes Book

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