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Eckhart Tolle’s New Earth meets Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century, in the first book of its kind to combine the challenges of socio-economic disparity with the spiritual values of equality and compassion. Artemes offers a vision for a new socio-economic reality and a viable, practical solution to the collective problems that we face. A bold vision for a fairer economic structure, and a clear path forward on how to get there. A global way of being with spirituality at its center.

 There has never been a more important time in history for this work to be brought forward. In a “post-COVID world” where many of the financial structures are crumbling, where racial and socio-economic inequalities have been brought to the forefront, Artemes offers a new way, challenging “unhinged” capitalism—the root of many of the issues of inequality in the Western world—while simultaneously offering a new economic structure that levels the playing field and creates a fairer world.

Combining cryptocurrency with spiritual leadership, we are presented with a promising path to a future where many of the byproducts of an unjust world—including environmental destruction, racism, sexism, xenophobia and inequality—are addressed and overcome. Most of these challenges have their roots in economic inequality, and as MLK famously said, ”The problems of racial injustice and economic injustice can not be solved without a radical redistribution of political and economic power.” When we bring forward this system, we create new possibilities for these issues to transform.

 Many of the old social structures which no longer serve us are on the verge of breaking down, and as of yet, we have not found consistent and meaningful ways to replace them. These social structures feel so disparate and divided, and the systems have been created so that only a handful can win. Yet in this pivotal time, where there is so much uncertainty and fear, there is also a profound opportunity for mass change to occur. Artemes paves the way for that change.

There are three major challenges with the way that our current system is functioning as a whole.  

  1 – Economy – Our economy thrives on creating “winners and losers.” The number of people who are able to win at this game is diminishing rapidly in these times, as the economic gaps continue to grow wider, throwing many of us into a state of survival where only the elite can thrive.

2 – Leadership – The leaders of the systems that govern us—those who have risen to power—lack the incentive or motivation to disrupt a system that fundamentally benefits them.

3 – Unconsciousness – Most of humanity is not awake to the true reality of this moment. We are asleep at the wheel, distracted by social media, TV, alcohol, drugs, shopping, food, sex, porn, and so on. These addictions inhibit us from creating a more meaningful world for ourselves. And so the cycle worsens.  

 To address the issue of socio-economic disparity, Artemes offers a conscious cryptocurrency system designed to create a fairer distribution of wealth. To counteract the imbalance in leadership, Artemes has a “Council of the Aware”—eleven world leaders who direct a share of the cryptocurrency wealth generation to address global issues. To overcome our tendency to check out, Artemes offers a path for the conscious revolution of self, which supports both those involved in the system to evolve personally, and humanity’s evolution as a whole. These three elements combined create Artemes: a system that challenges our current paradigm on all levels.  

Artemes flips the script of wealth imbalance, putting money to work for good, restructuring the relationship between wealth and power at its very core. In addition, when you begin to engage in Artemes—whether through the blockchain-based economy or practicing the teachings presented in the book—you address the inter-relational nature of human presence and connection between economics and social well-being. And you don’t have to wait to start making an impact. Artemes is structured in a way that enables you to begin making a powerful impact with the actions that you take, and that impact starts today. 

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