Conscious Revolution: The Artemes Book

The time is now...

Humanity has been battling the same core issues for millennia; war, poverty, slavery and the degradation of our precious environment. We misuse our natural resources and allow greed and ideologies to devastate whole communities.

Why have we not come together to solve these issues?

I believe that we allow this because many of us as a species, are asleep.

Do you ever feel that...

  • your talents, energy, and passions are wasted?
  • your spirit is burdened with the challenges of everyday living?
  • your life feels like the same record playing over and over?
  • your efforts to change the world seem to make little or no difference?

We appear to be trapped in a rigged game.

Fortunately... we are primed for a conscious revolution.

To see the change that we want in the world, we must create a paradigm shift... we must wake up. We now have the technological means to communicate, share and evolve together as one humanity.

I believe that this paradigm shift can be built on a foundation of enlightened leadership and revolutionary economics, utilizing modern technology and a dedicated community of changemakers.

What is Artemes?

ARTEMES is a social and economic concept that aims to create this paradigm shift. It is a genuine roadmap for conscious revolution and an exploration of human potential.

Many of our global issues could be effectively addressed immediately, with dramatically positive impacts for humanity now and for future generations.

Will you be at the forefront?

Artemes Book - Conscious Revolution

The revolution starts here

To celebrate the power of an idea, I am giving away free copies of the ARTEMES book to all who subscribe prior to launch. Read the book, and if you connect with the philosophy, share it and become part of the real action, now.

The project officially launches in November 2020.

Subscribers will receive Artemes newsletter updates which includes mindfulness practices, guided meditations, and more valuable information.

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