An interview on economics in the age of pandemics

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A record 10 million have filed for unemployment over the last two weeks. That number is expected to grow in the coming weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. No one knows how long or far this current global economic catastrophe will last or reach. These times bring up a question that is worth discussing.

As a world, are we currently using the best economic system? The pandemic highlights the fact that the current system is misaligned. It highlights the fact that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is not a good measure for society’s well being, as it excludes emotional, mental and physical health.

The world needs a new economic system that prioritizes every last being on this planet, not just those who have figured out (or more likely have been born into) a way to corner the current economic game.

Here at Artemes we have a suggested system we are currently working on. We’re excited to bring you more videos in the coming weeks.

Interview is with Joel Beverly, founder of Artemes and Mammad Mahmoodi. Mammad is an economist, community builder and tech entrepreneur. He has a passion for the social impact of technology, and how inequality impacts innovation and economic growth. He was co-founder of Ondamove (one of pioneering geo-tagging companies). Following that, he was a starter—and Executive Director—of Open Data Science Inc. (one of largest Artificial Intelligence communities in the world). He has taught entrepreneurship in a number of universities around the globe. Currently his main focus is supporting enterprises to create economic equality.

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