A Prayer

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My “favorite” teachers, all say to go within. What is the truth inside of ourselves? What do we need to look at, transform, heal, ect. And if we need help, ask for it.

My truth? I trust the immune system. I trust my immune system, and the immune systems of other’s. It’s not let me keep others healthy, it’s we keep ourselves healthy, and everyone brings/contributes that good health, on all levels, to a healthy society.

Everything we personally “catch” and heal from, strengthens our own immune system. We are designed this way. In my opinion, it’s one of our greatest strengths.

I have no more interest in not caring too much, than I do in caring too much.

I am also gaining experience in the aspect of “the ego doesn’t like to listen”. I have to agree. I truly appreciate the teacher of mine who shared this. I have been getting to know my own ego, “good”, “bad”, and in between.

Peace, hope, faith, help people heal, as do courage, strength, wisdom, level headedness, intelligence, common sense. 
Fear, (which can also be translated as false evidence appearing real), doesn’t help anyone heal, it does the opposite. So does worry, and concern. In particular when it’s for the sake of experiencing them. Experiencing them honestly is different, that’s part of our body talking to us. Are we taking the time to go within ourselves, and find out what’s going on?

My own emotions are my friends. I am in the process of developing a different (healthier) relationship within myself. I appreciate, and am grateful to myself, and to my various teachers, for my own willingness and ability, that I am in the process of developing, and I should say I am developing processes to communicate with myself “good”, “bad”, and everything in between. It’s also coming home to me more, my own responsibility to be in control of my own thoughts, honestly no easy task. Which I am learning, meaning experiencing, means being in control of my own emotions. And I have had to admit various things to myself, such as being willing to be scared, worried, concerned, etc, for the sake of it. For instance, having my own “thing” for drama, still can. I am grateful I am loosing interest in it. I have also needed to acknowledge that my own thing for drama puts external forces in a place where they can control me. Which also tells me that I am also capable of not allowing the external control of my (own) emotions. Not saying any of this is easy. More and more I do consider myself, my own wellbeing 100% worth it.

Do I consider myself better than anyone else? I hope not, I don’t want to. I want be better than anyone else at being me. Part of my fulfillment, and my journey, is to be who I truly am, rather than a projection of other’s. I do feel that I am a good person, and I am grateful, I also continue to make an effort to be better than I have been, and hopefully be an appropriate support for other’s, and only when it is appropriate. May I always be aware of the difference, and act accordingly.

In gratitude I pray, amen 

This is a guest post by Heloise Allison. Heloise started writing following a women’s retreat in May of 2015. She enjoys it and finds it a good way to help sort things out. Allowing things to come to the surface in words. Avoiding the labeling,
instead permitting self witnessing, in a way that is free of blame, judgment, criticism, and guilt. She says
that she lets the energy write itself. She has been encouraged to share her writing as a way to help
empower others, with hope, faith, and courage of their own.

*The views and opinions expressed are those of the guest blogger.*

Photo by Amaury Gutierrez

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