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Can you imagine a cryptocurrency that addresses the social and economic challenges of our time? One that provides a global restructuring that helps to empower the most vulnerable in our society?

That digital coin is being created and it’s Artemes.

Artemes is the intersection of  enlightened leadership, cryptocurrency and consciousness.


Artemes is...

Digital Currency: Artemes Coin


 A new, free cryptocurrency designed to be distributed worldwide in an equitable way. The design of the blockchain and the coin makes it tradable and environmental-friendly.

Visionary Leadership


Eleven world leaders govern Artemes with the core values of trust, equality, and compassion. They direct a share of the market capital to address global issues.

Spiritual Books


Artemes puts coins into the (digital) wallets of people who are dedicated to both their own development—and to the evolution of others—especially those who are most marginalized.

Artemes: A Conscious Economic System for Creating Equality in an Unbalanced World. The book came out in Nov 2020, and immediately became a #1 global bestseller.

The Artemes cryptocurrency is designed for social good. The aim is to create an economy based on compassion and equality. As more people adopt its usage the coin will naturally garner more value. Built into this value growth will be a safety net for less affluent coin holders, and a reserve to create the global change we all crave.

Learn how you can earn this evolutionary cryptocurrency.

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